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Become an affiliate partner with Haarmeso!

Have you ever had clients express worries about their hair, from thinning strands to noticeable hair loss? Or perhaps you've personally observed these concerns and found them challenging to address?


Those concerns are now overcome share the Haarmeso secret with your clients and earn from it!

Join our Partner Program today and become a part of the solution in combating hair loss and revitalizing hair health!


By becoming a partner, you'll earn €50,-* from each referral. Don't miss this opportunity to make a difference while growing your own business. Sign up to make a difference.


Our Haarmeso solution effectively halts excessive hair loss through Mesotherapy treatments! By adding  Peptides into our classic cocktail, we also stimulate the regeneration of thicker, fuller hair and revitalize weakened hair roots.

Maximize your impact by partnering with us to halt hair loss and revitalize hair with our ultimate Haarmeso solution!

*For each subsequent treatment from returning clients, you'll receive 10%.

Introducing our

Haarmeso Partner Program!


1.  Sign up 
We will review your registration.  Once we confirm our collaboration, you will receive a personalized partnerbox* by mail.  

*​The partnerbox will contain information, QR Code, personal discount code and contact information.

2.  Recommend
Introduce and recommend a Haarmeso treatment to your clients. By scanning the QR code, they can book their first treatment and enter your personal discount code*.

*​This will give the client a 30% discount on the first treatment.

3.  Earn
You will earn €50,-* from each clients first treatment. Additionally, we offer you the opportunity to experience the treatment yourself once for free* after our partnership begins.

*​If the client returns for a follow-up appointment, you will receive 10% of each subsequent treatment.

*Valued at €235,-

Complete your registration
with us using this form.
Where should we send your partnerbox?
Thanks for submitting, we will contact you as soon as possible!

Partner support
Whatsapp                  +316  820  806  55

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